Boxing Legend, ‘The Golden Boy’ Oscar De La Hoya, hit the XBOX Plaza at LA LIVE on Tuesday evening, August 24 to host an open workout for a huge crowd of adoring fans and a massive contingent of local and international media. Looking in exceptional form, De La Hoya worked the mitts for the cheering crowd and brought a couple fans into the ring to join him during the entertaining event.

Presented by Triller Fight Club, De La Hoya will battle former UFC Superstar Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort in the main event of LEGENDS II set for Saturday, September 11at STAPLES Center.


“Call me crazy but I just miss it, I missed getting hit and doing the hitting. I wasn’t ready to retire after I lost to Manny Pacquiao. I never felt like I was in wars so in boxing you’re just as old as how you feel.”

“I went through hell and back treating my body wrong but these last six months I feel amazing. I refocused myself and rededicated myself and I’m actually doing this for me, I can’t wait.”

“The weight limit is 185 but I’m going to come in at 175, strong like an ox. I’m at 180 right now. I’m the underdog because the bettors don’t believe in me but I finally put the train back on the rails.

“I’m not a betting man or a gambler but I would put a lot of money on me. I’m going to surprise people on how I do it. I’ve been training smart, I’ve been very motivated in training since we opened camp.”

“I’m going to give the fans a war. I’ve been studying Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns for a reason. I want a fight, a war. I have a good chin and I can take the punch.”

“I know Vitor Belfort has the same mentality. He was a boxer first before he became the UFC Heavyweight Champion. I have to be calculating with my attack and stay away from his big left hand.”

“There will be a knockout, my inspiration for this fight is Arturo Gatti. I want one of those types of fights.”

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